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=46WD  7 Feb 1998  *excerpt* by Alain L'Huissier <alain@minitelorama.com>
                 (F=E9d=E9ration anarchiste - Groupe de la Villette)
                 via A-Infos news Service http://www.ainfos.ca/

Work! If it's needed...

Now that the majority of the media show no interest in the struggles
of the unemployed - and all indications are that this will continue in
spite of the fact that new life has been breathed into the movement -
and instead focus their attentions on the Papal soap opera and the
shinanegans of the north american president, perhaps we can take the
opportunity to take stock of the infamous 'social minimums' that we
have been lectured on. Behind these two words various realities are
hidden which, I feel, cover up a more general malaise which affects
work and the triple lie which is behind the drive to full employment.

The economic lie...

The problem is not so much to to get to a position of full employment
but rather to reach a position of fair distribution of those goods and
products that could be made available today without creating new jobs.

=2E.. the technological lie...

Given that we are currently producing too much (and too badly) and
even taking into account a possible and massive decrease in labour
time (let's say every able-bodied person could do five hours
productive work a week) nothing in the curren climate leads us to
believe that there still would not be too much available labour and
unemployment would still persist.

=2E.. finally, the ethical lie.

Because behind this race for employment is hidden - badly - the old
nannyish and oppressive dogma of the 'value of labour'. Perhaps now is
the time to say that work in itself is of no value and it is only the
pleasure and feeling of well-being that individuals can gain from the
produce of labour which are of value and that how sad it is when in
addition to the institutional gods we feel a need to add another:

So where is the truth in all this?

There is truth in all views if we restrict ourselves to short term
solutions given the sense of urgency which surrounds us.

Martine Aubry, with her two speed minimum wage policy, the CNPF (the
bosses union) who cries out that we are castrating enterprise, the
unemployed who wish to live with dignity and find work, those who have
a job and fear losing it, the job centres who are pleased with their
21.5% productivity improvement (source : Union nationale des
Entreprises de Travail Temporaire), the 41% who say they believe 'the
causes of unemployment in France are due to too much assistance given
to the unemployed' (BVA opinion poll carried out 9th to 10th January
for BFM and Paris-Match) and even those who say nothing; they are all
right... and they are all wrong!

Towards another way of organising life.

Rather than demand a raise in the minimum benefits (and, logically,
minimum wages, taxes, prices... the old inflationnary formula) we
demand instead an immediate end to paid employment in all its forms.
We want an immediate divorce between work and income. Let's get rid of
coins, bank notes, cheque books, credit cards and all the other
idiotic tools of this submission to a system of exchange which chokes

Let's sit down and discuss our needs and what we must do to fulfill
them. If some of us are 'supernumary' and are not lucky enough to be
needed in the production of those goods and services we actually need,
so what? They will retain their right to consume all the same!

Alain L'Huissier (F=E9d=E9ration anarchiste - Groupe de la Villette)
email : alain@minitelorama.com


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