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Homeless People's Network Discussion List

If you've ever been homeless--or are now--here's a new list just for
you. It spans three continents and a range of worldviews and
backgrounds. While some posts are personal, most focus on news,
views and solutions to homelessness. In our first month (10-97), list
members posted 5-20 letters most weekdays, and often more on

Our members are mainly in the USA and Canada, but also Britain,
Germany Australia. We represent a large range of worldviews and
backgrounds. Via HPN, homeless people working with activist groups,
street newspapers and other homeless-run projects (such as squats,
centers, shelters and housing) can share information daily.

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I knew Scorpio on the Women Writers and Artist List (that began
Moondance) and I recently submitted a book review on a homeless topic
to Moondance, which is why she sent me this update.  I will now send
her updates!  More networking!

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-- Anitra