Re: police-the-homeless solution: hate-the-homeless file FWD

Theodore Latham (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 16:02:12 PST


   I respect your opinions.  And if you had comprehended every sentence 
in my posting, you would have seen that I addressed the 'making Vagrancy 
an arrest mandated law', emphasizing that it would only add to our 
nations current jail & prison population problem.  But, nevertheless, 
the rest of his proposal was deemed by myself, awards material.  And if 
eh/she replies to my request of bestowing their identity, the Award will 
be sent, on behalf of Tedrico's Page & AWARD-IT!, whose organization of 
Awards Judges I am an accredited member of!  By the way you never 
thanked me for your AWARD, which I solely judged you recipient of! And 
further more, responses like 'You must be Crazy' on discussion group & 
listserv postings, are not considered proper netiquette.  Thought you 
should no that, you being a new member and all!


Tedrico Latham

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>From: (Michy Boyd)
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>Tedrico you must be crazy to give this person some kind of award except
>for maybe the ignorant award.  
>The person has just cut down and degraded a group of people that are
>having a hard time as it is.  Homelessness cannot be against the law. 
>That is totally absurd.  Nobody cares to think about children in these
>situations, and the families out there sleeping in there cars.  Want 
>they going to do when they throw these parents into some kind of jail
>like atmosphere or even jail(if it is against the law).  Where are the
>children going to go?  Are they going to put them in jail too.  
>are so innocent.  You cannot break up a family just because of
>homelessness and poverty.  I could go on and on.
>Now I think this is something we really ought to think about.  The
>numbers of homeless families with children are rising.
>Michelle Boyd
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