Re: police-the-homeless solution: hate-the-homeless file FWD

Michy Boyd (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 13:30:08 EST

Tedrico you must be crazy to give this person some kind of award except
for maybe the ignorant award.  
The person has just cut down and degraded a group of people that are
having a hard time as it is.  Homelessness cannot be against the law. 
That is totally absurd.  Nobody cares to think about children in these
situations, and the families out there sleeping in there cars.  Want are
they going to do when they throw these parents into some kind of jail
like atmosphere or even jail(if it is against the law).  Where are the
children going to go?  Are they going to put them in jail too.  Children
are so innocent.  You cannot break up a family just because of
homelessness and poverty.  I could go on and on.
Now I think this is something we really ought to think about.  The
numbers of homeless families with children are rising.

Michelle Boyd

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