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Theodore Latham (
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 20:40:50 PST

To whomever posted this,

     Everything sounds great, with the exception of making VAGRANCY a 
manditory arrest law.  A law like this would only add to the already 
staggering jail & prison system problem (the other issue that our 
government does not want to tackle)!  I particularly like the college 
work study clause!  Who ever wrote this, honestly send me an email 
identifying yourself because I have an Award-It! approved Voice of the Homeless 
Award waiting for you at Tedrico's Page!

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>Subject: police-the-homeless solution: hate-the-homeless file  FWD
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>I have been working downtown for years and it amazes me that the 
>are just taking over the whole damn area.
>It is impossible to go out and have a nice evening around the area 
>having to deal with the panhandlers or smell some fresh piss or shit 
>some sap has just deposited.
>So - what is the solution? I guess this is a real political hot potato
>that no politician wants to get involved in. I think there are ways to
>handle this problem:
>   1. Pass an absolute law making vagrancy unlawful. Period.
>   2. Increase the police routes to include more time in areas that 
have a
>high rate of homeless vagrancy.
>   3. Build a center that can house, feed and care for these people.
>Include mental accomodations. This can be staffed by college work study 
>other federal employees.
>   4. Pick up the homeless if they are on the street. Have them prove
>residency. If they cannot - they go to the center. Call it a jail if 
>want - there is some creative loser politician out there somewhere that
>can put a name to it that will not step on anyone's toes.
>The center would be the hub of a multi-layered project. The residents 
>be used to clean up the streets - they can be assigned to other 
>to perform some type of work. They would receive a minimum wage from 
>businesses and the businesses would pay a nominal fee to the center for
>the use of the services.
>The work-study program would provide real experience for the college
>hopefuls. They will get an opportunity to work first hand in the fields
>they have chosen.
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