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Subject: Camping--1 An Introduction

We had a first planning meeting where visions for camp grounds were
discussed. This series of e-mail messages provides an outline of those
discussions. This is not proposed as complete in any way. Your
comments are encouraged and will be appreciated. 

Please:  Append, comment, and direct us to resources.

During the Great Depression Paul Schuster Taylor, a University of 
California at Berkeley social scientist working on California water 
and agricultural labor issues, was instrumental in the creation of 
camps that would become known as the Civilian Conservation Corps. 
These camps were primarily militaristic in style but were far 
superior to the for-profit camps that were taking every penny workers 
could earn.

Today we have a new type of homeless population. Our people who are 
homeless face an increasingly wealthy upper class, a slightly 
diminishing middle class, and an economically abused lower class. The 
strictures placed on our economic models since the Great Depression 
do seem to have protected the wealthly classes, but not the poor or 
people who do not have skills that are in demand.

We think the need for camps is just as demanding today as it was
then,despite the differences. We would, however, like to see camps
developed in an empowering way. To this end we are are holding 
a visioning process that includes people who are, have been, or may 
become homeless.

In the following list are the primary categories we used to help 
define the camps of our vision. Within each category we recorded 
key words. Within this series of e-mail messages some of these 
categories will be combined:

The Vision
Political and Social Structure
Welfare Services and Personal Growth Opportunities
Politics, Administration and Funding
Buildings, Infrastructure, and Sites
Next Steps

I broke this up into several messages because it might be too
overwhelming when a single long list gets published on e-mail.
Hopefully, this format will also make comments easier to make. My
original document breaks each of these categories into a column
which makes it much more readable. 

If you would please make comments to the whole list, rather than me, 
I think others would be interested. Though if you are shy, one of the 
many lurkers, or simply think your comment is inappropriate for the 
whole list (like you want to slam me) please send your comment 
directly to me.
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