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   I am working on this site right now but I have to at least 
take a peep at my Email, & throw out all junk, and search engine reply 
stuff, every 5 hours, or I'll end up answering E-mail for 3 hours.  If 
you have a problem inserting this code into your page, let me know and 
I'll get back to you tomorrow night EST:

<a href="">
<img src="" 
width=312 height=76 border=0 alt="Black Diamond Link"></a>


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>Subject: graphics/images
>Tedrico - dumb question -- since I cannot figure out how to save a 
>on my computer and then write the html for putting it on my page, I 
>pulled them in from remote locations for your award, and for our 
>cover.  The dumb question is this -- I want to do the same with a logo 
of a
>company that has donated $8000 worth of fabric for our sleeping bag 
>but it does not work.
>The page is located at:
>When I right click on the logo and copy image  location and go and 
paste it
>on my page like I did with yours and the other mentioned above it does 
not work.
>The location of the logo is:
>Can you look at those and tell if there is something on there that 
keeps it
>from coming up --
>I cant figure out why the others worked so easily and this one does 
>Thanking you in advance.
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