Laugh of the day

Virginia Sellner (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:54:20 -0800

 You Know It's Time To Wash Your Cup When...

 1.  You can't remember what color it was originally.
 2.  It says "Good Morning" to you.
 3.  You look into it, relax your eyes, and see a 3D image.
 4.  You can make tea without a bag.
 5.  You carry it around by the spoon stuck to the bottom.
 6.  One cup of coffee has a full dose of penicillin.
 7.  The stain in the bottom looks like Elvis, complete with rhinestones and
gyrations.  Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.
 8.  No one "borrows" it anymore.
 9.  You wonder why on earth anyone would have given you a felt-lined cup.
 10.  Mushrooms.  'Nuff said.
 11.  It appears on the EPA Superfund list.
 12.  It is included as part of a Rorschach test.
 13.  A geologist wishes to study it.
 14.  It sticks to your desk.
 15.  It sticks to you.
 16.  Wash your cup?  Are you supposed to wash your cup?
 17.  The Center for Disease Control has quarantined your desk.
 18.  As you fill it you hear a contented sigh, but you are alone in the
 19.  Your dog tries to roll in it.
 20.  You spill your coffee and a coworker calls a HAZ-MAT team.
 21.  It follows you from room to room.
 22.  You break a pencil trying to stir your coffee.
 23.  You break a tooth trying to drink your coffee.
 24.  You can almost read the writing in the bottom of the cup that 
wasn't  there when you bought it. 
 Speak only words of truth.
 Speak only of the good qualities of others.
 Be a confidant and carry no tales.

 Dhyani Ywahoo,"Voices of our Ancestors, Cherokee teachings from the Wisdom