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P. Myers (mpwr@u.washington.edu)
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:39:42 -0800 (PST)

not the only place this is happening...talk about losing public spaces!
 By Jim Hightower
 (Broadcast locally on 1/24/98)
 There's an  insidious  and  dangerous  =dis-uniting= taking place
 inside our =united= States of America.  Those at the top  of  our
 society  are  steadily  separating themselves further and further
 from America's  work-a-day  majority.   For  example, while those
 making $100,000 or more per year  have  seen  dramatic  gains  in
 their  income  over the past couple of decades, the 80 percent of
 us who make under  $50,000  a  year  have  either seen our income
 stagnate, or drop.
 But  those  at  the  top  are  separating  themselves   from   us
 =physically=   too.    Their  homes  are  in  gated  and  guarded
 compounds.  Their kids  attend  exclusive  schools.   And even at
 sporting events, they sit  in  luxury  boxes  that  separate  the
 hoity-toity from us hoi-polloi.
 But now comes another divisive development:  they don't even want
 to  drive  with  us!   Believe  it  or  not,  the Federal Highway
 Administration is  providing  a  $14  million  annual  subsidy to
 create luxury lanes on commuter highways,  so  the  affluent  can
 avoid   rush-hour   congestion.   In  Minneapolis,  for  example,
 privileged ones driving the stretch  of  I-394 that runs from the
 wealthy suburbs west of the city to downtown office buildings can
 now pay about $1,000 a year and get a special pass that literally
 puts  them  in  the  fast  lane!   While  those  of  us  in   the
 old-Chevrolet  class  are bumper-to-bumper in a snarl of traffic,
 the Range-Rover rich go cruising  by  with  a smug smile on their
 Never mind that every lane of this $450 million highway was  paid
 for  by  =all= taxpayers, the majority of us who cannot afford an
 extra thousand bucks for  the  luxury lane are rendered 2nd-class
 This is Jim Hightower saying, this bad idea is spreading --  with
 Houston,  Los  Angeles,  Portland,  Westchester  County and other
 cities providing  privileged  access  to  their  public freeways.
 Besides being an obvious target for  driver  rage,  luxury  lanes
 also represent a dangerous trend for our democracy.
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