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Theodore Latham (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 23:58:23 PST

Michelle Tanner,

   My name is Tedrico Latham. I am the webmaster for Tedrico's Page: 
Homelessness, Hitchhiking, Panhandling & More!  Your request was sent to 
my Email via, Donald Bokor, a fellow member of he Homeless People's 
Network.  Below, is my reply to your request for homeless assistance in 
Tulsa, OK!  Hope it helps!


Tedrico Latham

Education, Shelter, and Food Assistance for the Homeless!
[mailto: ]

                TEDRICO'S PAGE presents
                for TULSA, OKLAHOMA

John 3:16 Mission
         506 N. Cheyenne 
         Tulsa, OK 74103 
         Phone: (918) 587-1186 
         FAX: (918) 587-0838 
         Established 1952 
         ECFA Member 
         IUGM Member Since 1986

                                     Chapel Services 
                                     Youth Center 
                                     Outreach to Youth Gangs 
                                     GED & Literacy Program 
                                     Employment Readiness Program 
                                     Meals for the Homeless & Needy 
                                     Community Food Pantry 
                                     Thrift Store 
                                     Residential Program for Parolees 
                                     Emergency Shelter for Men 
                                     Long-term Recovery/Rehab for Men                                      
Furniture Bank 


The Oklahoma Department of Human Services: Information about help for 
people in need, and those who provide it in Oklahoma!

Ministry Information                               Phone #
Buddy Bell Ministries, Contact: Buddy Bell
P.O. Box 27366, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74149             (918) 245-5768

SUNDAY MORNING SOUP KITCHEN: Members serve meal and love to homeless in 
Inner City Tulsa. St. James, Kent Fulton, Tulsa District. 

BIXBY OUTREACH: Clothes and feeds 75 people. Includes commodity 

Other Resources

Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry: assistance for the poor and homeless. 
OOLOGAH MINISTRY: Tulsa based ministry to the homeless
Tulsa's Day Center for the Homeless: Homeless shelter
Kendall-Whittier Meals on Wheels, delivering 270 hot meals each week
Restore Hope ministries: (formerly United Methodist Cooperative                                 
Ministries), extending financial resources,                           
counsel, and spiritual support to families                           in 
crises and the hungry and homeless. 


               Tulsa Community Food Bank
Job Title:"Food for Families" Food Drive
Duties:Volunteers are needed to help distribute posters and promotional 
               Start Date:3/31/98
               End Date:4/13/98

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>Dear HPN,
>If any of you know of homeless shelters or assistance in the Tulsa, OK
>area, then please contact this sister who needs help.
>Love and Peace Always (All Ways),
>Donald W. Bokor
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>Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 11:58:49 -0600
>From: Michelle Tanner <>
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>Subject: Links to shelter in Tulsa?
>In one day asked to move by apartment owner for water dripping 
>and my child teacher tells me they can no longer control my child and I
>will have to have someone else watch him so I can work for labor ready
>daily temporary service, in a sweat shop, hurting my back, for minimum
>wage, car broke down and me and Jeffery, he is 5 need shelter and your
>page doesn't have any.  Please reply with help if you think you can or
>show me someone who can.  
>Thank you!  
>Jackolyn Massolock

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