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Theodore Latham (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 01:27:06 PST


    I sent you the Voice of the Homeless Award, for your posting to the 
Homeles People's Network.  I am the webmaster for Tedrico's Page and if 
you'd like, I can modify your web pages code to include the award 
whereever on the page you'd like it to reside.  Just send me the URL of 
your web page. And I will send you that same page as an email attachment 
with the modification added to it.  Welcome to the HPN Discussion List!


Tedrico Latham

Education, Shelter, and Food Assistance for the Homeless!
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>Hello Everyone and thank you so much for the welcome here.
>I don't know what I can give here but I will try my best to reply to
>things as I can.
>This is the first list I will be posting in so please lead me in the
>right direction guys.. :)
>I know you all will :) even if I make people older than Cesar.. :)
>Thanks again,
>p/s I have a web site but I don't know how you make the this
>posting, Please would somebody, anybody teach me how..Peace

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