Re: web pages by homeless people or others in poverty

Theodore Latham (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 01:20:23 PST


    I am not on CSF yet, but thanks for refering this message to me.  I 
will check his site out and supply him with all the Homelessness web 
pages I am aware of.  I just finished up on a computer 
equipment/software leasing web site for a client.  Man, these late night 
Email Deails are getting repetitious.  Anyway, thank you again!


Tedrico Latham

Education, Shelter, and Food Assistance for the Homeless!
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>Subject: web pages by homeless people or others in poverty
>Did you get this?  I can't remember if you are on HOMELESS at 
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>>Subject: web pages by homeless people or others in poverty
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>>I am working on a very new web site called EndPovertyToledo. It is a 
>>effort here that really keys off of using high tech to tackle the 
>>As part of this effort I'd like to include in the site a page of links 
>>what must be the many web pages created by homeless people, welfare
>>recipients, anyone in poverty.
>>I would really welcome any suggestions or references. And comments on 
>>site itself are welcome too. Thanks a lot.
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