Re: An attempt at perspective

Virginia Sellner (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 17:15:45 -0800

Outstanding post Anitra -- and I can't answer what can be done regarding
people like Daniel Mired in Mud who post the type of things they post.  I
know that answering in anger as I did is a waste of time -- but no answer is
not good either.  I do think that the people on HOMELESS need to be a bit
more open to people -- and the list is moderated so that should make a
differnce too -- but I can't really give you any good ideas -- but I would
probably -- in fact I know I would -- back anything you have to say.  And
you know that I changed my mind because of a dialogue with you, and got away
from some of the people I had been involved with and into this much better

 Speak only words of truth.
 Speak only of the good qualities of others.
 Be a confidant and carry no tales.

 Dhyani Ywahoo,"Voices of our Ancestors, Cherokee teachings from the Wisdom