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Wandering Bear (
Sun, 01 Feb 1998 14:20:15 PST

 I find that when people attack individual activist their acually 
attacking the movement that their active in.It is alot easyer to bring 
down an individual then a whole group.
 Why would a person attack the homeless movement.Because they dont want 
to take any kind of responsibility for the people their greed has 
hurt.So when your attacked for your stand on the homeless rights issue 
remember its not just you their attacking.And their reasons for 
attacking is genrerally greed for power or money.
Peace Love and Light:)
Wandering Bear

>I also responded to Daniel Myers' (no relation!) attack on hpn and 
>members...attempting to address only those issues with which I am
>personally familiar.
>Sharing with all of you.  Pat Myers
>"In the depth of winter I finally
>learned that within my heart lay
>an invincible summer."  A. Camus
>(The immediately below is from a colleague:  Joel Pickford.  PatM)
>"it is sad those who have little or nothing to contribute to a
>topic usually hide that fact by attacking the author and not the
>Pat's response to Daniel:
>I am the Pat Myers mentioned below, and I am glad to reply to Daniel
>Myers' (no relation) remarks about me.  I will also respond to what I
>personally know and have experienced during my membership on HPN.
>What I say are, therefore, functions of my experience only, and the
>extent to which they may be generalized is left to the freedom and
>intelligence of the individual reader, whom I trust to be able to 
>read and recognize honesty when s/he sees it.
>While I don't want to take part in a struggle with the idea of
>legitimacy where experiencing and remembering the pain and terror of
>homelessness is concerned, I would like to at least offer my own
>perspective.  Daniel may,then come in and rip it to shreds, although I
>don't know why he has decided on this ongoing, and on occasion, 
>attack and attempt to discredit.
>I *am a middle-aged graduate student at the University of Washington, 
>Seattle, WA....Daniel is correct in this...although, of the three
>mentioned, only my age was part of my hpn and csf bios, I
>shared this freely.  Nothing to hide, but I can't believe it's 
>wasn't meant to hurt...or perhaps to spark some anger...
>I was homeless in my mid and late 20's...on three occasions:  twice,
>alone, and once with a friend, in a car, and pregnant.  Each time, I 
>terrified, exhausted; embarrassed; aware of social shame, and felt
>hopeless to change my circumstances.  Sheer good luck and friends ended
>each period of homelessness.
>I think I am now what is referred to as "marginally homed"...?  My 
>(a rental, in total disrepair) has, at least a roof (leaking in at 
>5 places, with the ceiling threatening collapse in 3) and a 
>and threatening to give way in several places!
>2 of 8 baseboard heaters cold Seattle winters, I rely
>on electric blanket and a space heater close by.  
>Rent is in arrears for some months...I thank God for an understanding
>landlady (although the understanding does not extend to making the
>necessary repairs on the house)...I still fear, as does anyone who has
>ever been homeless, a repeat of the experience.  I am too embarrassed 
>share more about this house...I will just say that I do not have many
>I attend school on loans and grants, and bus some 4 hours round trip to
>and from classes.  In this, I am blessed, although at my age, whether
>even a graduate degree will lead to a job after, is problematic.
>I post to HPN as often as I can, but more often than not, read, only...
>there have been interesting threads over the past 6 months, and, having
>found *my voice on this list, I enjoy reading, as others do the same.
>Many on hpn are far more articulate than I, and I have learned much  
>reading them.
>I don't know what Daniel means when he says I de facto moderate with 
>and Virginia...unless Daniel can come forth with clear quotes and
>examples, I can't really respond to what seems to be another attack
>without merit.  Of course, "de facto moderation"  would be ad hoc, no? 
>I assume Daniel is saying that I write in a way that tends to silence
>others.  If that is the case, I expect I will hear from some of those
>others yet, I have not, and I've been a member for some
>(Btw, HPN members are a feisty group, we!  I have been flamed, torched,
>ridiculed and challenged...but always my *ideas were at issue...not my
>person, or my style of writing, or my life...HPN offers an opportunity
>to speak to *many issues that involve homelessness and 
>and accepts many diverse views, *without censorship.)
>I've experienced Tom's listownership as a constant struggle (one most
>listowners have) to maintain personal presence, motivate all members,
>and, on occasion, speak his own truth.  Tom does precious little of the
>latter, as he seems to feel, again, as do other listowners, that such
>postings might, indeed, silence others.
>I may decide to write later, on the implications Daniel has made about
>the university listserv... however, he has not been adequately clear on
>this issue for me to respond here and now.
>I *am concerned about Daniel's assertion that an individual who 
>him/herself mentally ill "prostrated him/herself before..." (the 
>"de facto moderators) and was ill-treated (can't remember the exact
>words!).  If anyone feels I've treated them poorly, I trust you'll 
>to that, righteously and forthrightly.  I expect in this case, Daniel 
>just offering his interpretation of ... nothing that actually 
>Thanks for *do people come up with this sort of stuff?! 
>Pat Myers (middle aged grad student...currently "housed.")
>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:44:49 -0800 (PST)
>From: Daniel Myers <>
>Subject: consumer fraud vs. the homeless:  HPN again
>Someone wrote me privately, suggesting that the recent HPN plug on this
>CSF Homeless listserv was designed to attract the attention of the
>reporter from France. 
>HPN update:
>There doesn't seem to be much change in the HPN list since my posting
>month "Dispatch from HPN".
>HPN is tightly controlled by:
>-Tom Boland, who is a non-homeless college graduate and former graduate
>student. Tom refuses to disclose where he went to school, his studies,
>his involvement in the poverty industry, much of which may disqualify
>for having a conflict of interest with the homeless. 
>-Patricia Myers, a non-homeless, middle-aged graduate student at the
>University of Washington. 
>One member of the HPN list who is probably homeless, and believes
>to be mentally ill, appears to have recently prostrated himself on-line
>the list-leadership of Boland, Pat Myers, and Sellner, who appeared to
>look upon his prostration unabashed.

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