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Sun, 1 Feb 1998 10:02:53 -0800 (PST)

Hi, back, Michy.  Pat Myers here.

On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, Michy Boyd wrote:

> My name is Michelle Boyd and I'm new to this.  I am currently homeless. 
> I have been homeless off and on for my whole life( I'm only 23 ).  So
> have my three children.  

boy I remember 23!  That was the last time I was homeless and the first
time homeless while are very strong to survive, so young,
with so many who need your time and attention...I applaud you!

> Since I've had my first son I've been a full time volunteer at Crossroads
> Shelter and Justice Center in Green Bay WI.  
> I help keep the doors open for those in need and also take calls from
> those who might need help.  
> I have accomplished many things with the help of this place.  

I hope this place also has the sense to hear * seem to know your
priorities and your drive to beat a system that sometimes seems to me
designed to keep us where we are...that drive just *shines through your
letter!  The folks who get to you are lucky.

> 	We are currently working on opening a child care center for our
> guests who stay here while they look for and/or work.  Since Gov.
> Thompson passed the W-2 thing have been very hard for poor people.  More
> people are becoming homeless  they cannot find a decent job that pays
> enough so that they can afford decent housing.  I have been going to the
> technical college here to get my child care diploma so that I can direct
> our child care facility(which will be located next door to our shelter). 

I have worked for many years with children and parents:  in preschools,
school districts; community college in-house child care facilities, and
worn a number of hats in so doing.  Not easy work: physically, mentally or
emotionally, but incredibly satisfying...think about going on after that
diploma, at least someday..  

> We are also working in cooperation with St. Vincent - De Paul who owns
> the house next door.  St.Vincent -De Paul also has a shelter for women
> and their children which around the corner from our shelter.  We will, of
> course, be providing safe child care for their families if needed.  
> If you have any question feel free to ask.

Just technical:  are you working the child care center (or intend to) as a
cooperative, so that parents spend time as workers in the center, in
return for cuts in the costs of  How are you obtaining start-up
costs...? These one-time costs can be intimidating...but they *are one

Are there any free lunch programs for the kids you can tap into, to save
money for other things?

Write and tell us more...also interesting to me would be to hear a little
more from you about the special needs of homeless kids...this group
differs in some ways and needs from those of housed children...sadly.

> Michelle Boyd
Best wishes, and let me know any way I might be able to help, Michelle...
congratulations on your achievements, and write again, please!

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