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Sun, 1 Feb 1998 07:49:25 -0800 (PST)

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Well said, Tom Cagle!

Actually, you don't need a "pedegree to speak" on HPN, just the courage to
speak your mind and possibly be misunderstood or flamed.

The resason we created this list for "homeless and ex-homeless people only"
is because most providers and advocates have never been in our shoes; yet
they often speak "for" us and eclipse our concerns - such as civil rights
(an issue which most charities fear to address, because funders may cut
them off).

Here on HPN, we have the right to disagree when we choose to do so.  But I
truly hope that we will find shared aims and act in concert to attain them.
We need unity on aims if we are ever to overcome the prejudice that
oppresses homeless people - and which similarly oppresses all "out groups"
that are systematically denied life, liberty and opportunity.

May you have all you need, Tom.--Tom Boland

Tom Cagle wrote:
> Seeing as it seems we need a pedegree to speak here I will offer up
>mine. I am a 46 year old man. Who is separated and has made 4 moves in 4
>years. I have MS and am disabled. I have two grown children. My formal
>education ended in the tenth grade I have a GED, A MHW certificate, and a
>drug and alcohol certificate from the state of NH.
> I am marginally housed as I write this. I have finally come to the top
>of the list for section 8 housing, a three year wait. I may even get a
>place of my own. A luxury from couches and back bedrooms I have had of
> My low mobility has gotten me called everything under the sun, from
>drunk to lazy. I have hidden the little bit of money I did have (when I
>had any) in my sock, to storing valuables in reliable seeming peoples
>houses. I am sure what i am trying to describe other homeless and
>marginaly housed people have been through and done too. I have been
>blessed to be able to start building a network of other disabled people
>through the old BBS system and now the internet. Some of whom I have
>never once met face to face. We have kept each other alive. Just as this
>network will bring forward (I hope) for this group.
> Do I have the right to speak on the topic of homelessness? I will let
>others be the judge of that. My job is to keep my flabby ass out of a
>nursing home, and to make it as hard as I possibly can for other people
>to be institutionalized who don't want to be.
>Free our people!
>Tom Cagle

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