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Thomas Cagle (
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 09:17:54 -0500

>At 02:49 AM 1/31/98 +0000, Barbara Grier wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>My name is Barbara Grier and this is my first post. I signed up about a
>>month ago and have found the posting not only informative but
>>***big snip****
>>The reason or the post that has pulled me out of myself tonight was by
>>gent who seems a bit harsh to me to a group that is trying to find
>>common threads to build on to end this vast spreading field of
>>Compasion come in many different forms and is felt by each person or
>>group of persons differntly. as does wisdom , knowledge, love,and all
>>those beautiful qualities we carry with us as beings on this earth. To
>>find the beauty in all is the quest for me. To see with a unprotected
>>heart to share that heart is by far the greatest gifts we can give each
>>other.....relationships no matter how complecated or simple is to me 
>>the reality of my existence here.  I am greatful to the woman who even
>>though her needs were as great as mine seemed to me to take her time 
>>to help lead me in a easier the child that smiles when
>>you have had to reach deep into and then outfrom your own personal
>>despare to comfort their fears about what happens next.
>>To this man ........I have no words.......
>>And to the rest of you Hello ..Peace
Morning Barbara,
 Wecome to the circle. Set a spell. I don't know what the motivation is
of the 'harsh' man as you call him. I have come and left this circle in
part for the level of acrimony I have heard at times. I am too sharp too
at times and have tried my very most to tone down what at time burns my
chest as I would speak.

 Seeing as it seems we need a pedegree to speak here I will offer up
mine. I am a 46 year old man. Who is separated and has made 4 moves in 4
years. I have MS and am disabled. I have two grown children. My formal
education ended in the tenth grade I have a GED, A MHW certificate, and a
drug and alcohol certificate from the state of NH. 

 I am marginally housed as I write this. I have finally come to the top
of the list for section 8 housing, a three year wait. I may even get a
place of my own. A luxury from couches and back bedrooms I have had of

 My low mobility has gotten me called everything under the sun, from
drunk to lazy. I have hidden the little bit of money I did have (when I
had any) in my sock, to storing valuables in reliable seeming peoples
houses. I am sure what i am trying to describe other homeless and
marginaly housed people have been through and done too. I have been
blessed to be able to start building a network of other disabled people
through the old BBS system and now the internet. Some of whom I have
never once met face to face. We have kept each other alive. Just as this
network will bring forward (I hope) for this group.

 Do I have the right to speak on the topic of homelessness? I will let
others be the judge of that. My job is to keep my flabby ass out of a
nursing home, and to make it as hard as I possibly can for other people
to be institutionalized who don't want to be.

Free our people!
Tom Cagle
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