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Date: Sunday, February 01, 1998 2:49 AM
Subject: Did You Pay The IRS?

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"Dear Taxpayer:

Based on the information you have provided, we agree
that you are not required to file an income tax return.
We may contact you in the future, if further issues arise
requiring clarification.  At present, no further response
is needed on the above account."

                                Sincerely yours,

                                Chief, Collection Branch
                                Internal Revenue Service

You could receive a similar letter from the Internal Revenue
Service if you follow the proper legal procedures. As you may or
may not know, the Internal Revenue Service is now under
investigation by the United States Congress for abuse of power
and illegal tactics against its' Citizens.

Even before Congress began this investigation, the organization
we represent has been helping Citizens all across the country
receive the above letter by teaching them how to file the proper
forms with their local Internal Revenue Service office. Every 
year people across the United States receive the above letter 
from the Internal Revenue Service even though they earned well 
above what's considered the minimun adjusted gross income. Some 
earn from $10,000 to $100,000's and some even in the millions of 
dollars yet they receive the above letter from the Internal 
Revenue Service. It's called a 2358C letter and it is given to 
those that the IRS deems are not required to file a 1040 Income 
Tax Return. Why?

Well we won't divulge that in this message but we can tell you
that it is really quite easy and the Internal Revenue Service has
no option but to follow the law regarding this information. The
IRS is required to give you one of these letters but only if you
provide them with the proper documentation. Will they 
tell you what information they need? Hell no! But Citizens all 
across the country are either coming out of their local IRS 
offices with the above letter or it is mailed to them within ten 
days of filing the appropriate documents. Does the IRS enjoy 
doing this? Again, hell no! But they must follow the law once the 
appropriate forms are submitted to them or face the consequences!

If you are tired of paying the Income Tax and tired of giving up
1/3 or up to 50% or more of each and every dollar you earn to
the Internal Revenue Service or even if you are just curious and
would like more information, we beg of you to please reply to 
this message by putting the words TAX INFO in the subject 
portion of your mail program and we will send you this 
information immediately. The information is absolutely free! The 
rest is up to you!

The information you will receive will be of benefit regardless of 
whether you dig ditches for a living or are the President of a 
prospering business enterprise.  The information is applicable 
equally!  It's in the Code!

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