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William Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Thu, 30 Dec 1999 22:57:59 -0500

Dear Councillor Jakobek,
Will you be attending this sir?
It would be nice if you could at least put your good ear out to hear the
crys of anguish from your fellow country men!
Thanking you for your time and consideration on this matter of extreme
Respectfully yours,
William Tinker NHhomeless@egroups.com

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> Thursday, December 31, 1999, 11 am,
> Nathan Phillips Square, Peace Garden, Queen and Bay, Toronto
>        Out of the Cold founder Sister Susan Moran has initiated a call for
> people to gather at the Peace Garden at Nathan Phillips Square on
> December 31 at 11 am to make a statement of solidarity with the world's
> poor and downtrodden as the new millennium begins for much of the world.
>          While champagne corks will be popping and the wealthy of the
> will be spending millions of dollars tonight celebrating the year 2000,
> this gathering is intended to point out that more than two-thirds of the
> world's population continue to live in abject poverty. More than 5 million
> Canadians are forced to live in poverty in one of the world's wealthiest
> nations. Millions in Canada still line up at food banks, hundreds of
> thousands are homeless.
>          The gathering is intended to show solidarity with those who do
> have much to celebrate this New Year's Eve, as well as to renew a shared
> commitment to social justice for all, regardless of income.
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