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> Subject: HELP!!
> Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 17:11:20 CST
> Sorry about that but I need help. I have a friend that told me to write
> and show my views. I have a problem but it is alot bigger then most
> I am tired of this world. The way that it is run and how it works. All of
> the people that run this country are afraid to do anything because they
> lose votes or other support.
> Well the message that Bill Clinton sent out when he had a affair with
> Luenski was that it is okay to commit adultery and that there is no crime
> sleep with whom every we want.
> That I have no problem with because that is the persons choice to sleep
> another but now they should not be arrested or other wise punished for it.
> The marriage vow is a joke and abortion is as casual as walking into a
> grocery store. There are deadly things out there and people know it and
> is their choice but it is also their choice to have abortions, which is
> murder. So as I see it if I walked down the street and killed a man in
> blood then it would be fine. It is no different in fact if I killed it
> be better because then the person would at least have a chance. If teens
> want to jump into bed that is their problem but they have to take
> responsibility for their actions and that is what I was taught. Now they
> have no responsibilities.
> I myself am a teen that is at the age of fifteen and am a female. I my not
> be your ordinary teen for that reason I am a goth. The people of my group
> are harassed and pushed around by many because of the way that we dress
> it is wrong. Everyone that is in my group is either a virgin or they are
> responsible for their actions. Their is only two people in my group that
> having sex and everyone is against it. They are also HIV positive. They
> to be married soon.
> The thing is that I have been expelled from my school for the second time.
> This time it was for fighting. I pushed a boy in the head and he had to go
> get stitches he also hit me a few times but I did not hit back. It is true
> that I threw the first punch but it was because of the harassment. I have
> been harassed all of my life. The school that I was attending is
> X-assistant principle was also sleeping with a few girls. That was so they
> were able to stay in school. My sister is eighteen and she was also
> x-spelled from the high school. It was for different reasons the girl that
> was sleeping with the principle was my sisters friend. They would go into
> the office at the same time and were skipping together and she walked away
> with no demerits but my sister was expelled. Then in the middle school I
> have a assistant principle that was gay and harassing the boys a teacher
> that was sleeping with students.
> I am tired of all of this there is no reason for this and I think that if
> this is happening here it is happening every where.
> The other thing that I have a problem with is all of theses wars I mean
> do we have them. There is room on this earth for all of us why fight over
> land and why do we have hunger problems? Americans waste enough food in
> day to feed asia for a week. I was watching a T.V. episode on the airplane
> crashes that we have been having a few of them our own military have shot
> down. We are not at war why have guns out there? Many innocent people are
> being hurt for no reason and you have to look at the chain of people that
> they hurt in just one death.
> I want to start a potion on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that is where I
> I think that if I can start here and have people hear me out then maybe
> will go national and others that feel the same way but are to scared to do
> anything will have the guts when I start something. I was listening to a
> song by Silver chair. It is called Year 2000 anthem. It is about the way
> that the world works and that our generation can break the chain but we
> to stand together so that when we get in office we can make a difference.
> was wondering if anyone shares my views and if so can you tell me. In that
> song it says We are knocking on deaths door. It is true we are killing
> ourselves and we don't even recognize it. It also states that "I never
> we were living in a world where the mind that can be so small never knew
> were living in a world with the mind that could be so short.i just need
> help on this I am but one person but I can wake others up. One person can
> make a difference anyone can it is just a matter if they are pure hearted
> and willing to know that what we are doing is not right. Leet me know what
> you think because I know that most people will not help me but those that
> will I would appreciate it.
> My name is Cherish Lemonis and I say take a stand for what is right is
> heart.
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