Fw: What does Governor Bush know

William Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 15:03:18 -0500

And thats the whole truth and nothing but the truth your honor...!!!!

I used to know a judge here in NH that would call the jail to see how much
help they needed to run the county H/C sure enough if you were on the docket
and you had some skills they gave you six months every single time you went
to court in the winter ..His name was Judge Mattson out of Concord District
Court ,any body remember that name ?

The problem is that you might be a first time offender and get the same as
some one that got busted for breaking a window at the police station waiting
or getting arrested as loitering,or vagrancy of course that was a few years
ago but its the same principle...

Totally unfair sentencing but then again who said the law was fair!

I hope you all are ready for Y2K Lol...."A Brother In Peace and In Strife"
Bill Tinker

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> you know john,
>   when i was growin up i had friends who would commit a drunk n
> disorderly for the three four months of winter
> lodging in the slammer. it was a winter vacation. now i didn't take that
> route as i always had ladies to watch after me but the winos n drunks
> thought it was a good deal here in cold country. they complained ,when
> we good citizens thought it violated their rights, when the cops started
> sending them for treatment that lasted only weeks, and now the fruits of
> our do gooding. the same drunks frreezing to death that once were in
> protected settings , drying out for three four monts are now forced to
> pass out on the street using alcohol as antifreeze. while we the do
> goods complain when the law does what it has always tried to do.go
> figger.
> john macpherson wrote:
> > He is snow white without a sin after the media washes
> > his words into a meaningless pile of white wassahed
> > dung.
> > His record will indicate tough measures to further
> > incriminate the criminal alcoholics, the sins of those
> > that cant get into shelters.
> > With over 80% of the student population experianceing
> > some degree of starvation in Texas.  Last year Austin
> > independant school District Offered 52% of the
> > students free lunch. He wants to cut back on the
> > farmer subsidies that are known here as the Texas Lone
> > Star Program (Bush's idea) A/K/A  Fedreal Food Stamp
> > Program.
> > Austin can now incarcerate a first time offender of
> > public intoxication as a class B offence and send him
> > to Jail for 14 months. It's a crime to sleep in Austin
> > if it includes any combination of a PI it is upgraded
> > to a year in jail.
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