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Coalition on Homelessness, SF (coh@sfo.com)
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 11:21:06 -0800

Hey everybody!

Hope y'all will join us online Dec. 31.  I figure we could have 
Kristian tell us what's up at midnight in Sweden, Tom B. giving 
online reports of Boston in flames, etc.

Or we could just trace the end of civilization as chatters disappear 
by time zone. I get so excited at that prospect that I get goosebumps.


chance martin

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>Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 16:25:50 -0800
>To: coh@sfo.com
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>Subject: for Chance Martin/poormagazine seizes yuppie chat rooms for y2k
>Celebrate WHY?????
>           2
>           K with Poornewsnetwork
>POOR Magazine invades the Yuppie chat Rooms on y2k - please join us as we
>crash their DSL's and ISP accesses and recesses and bring in the New Year
>with the voices of the voice-less. We will be speaking out from our
>newsroom at 255 9th street starting with an on-air conversation with
>Liberation Free Radio at 7 pm and then the chat/webcast begins at 8 pm -
>please come by, logon and speakout about all the issues they don't want to
>hear about.
>If you are across the nation invade the chat yourself and talk to the folks
>at POOR via the Compaq party/chat room.Register with the party at
>http://www.bindview.com/onlineparty, and chat with POOR
>Pizza, soft drinks, water and a limited number of survival flashlights
>available - see ya on Dec 31, 1999

Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco
468 Turk St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
vox: (415) 346.3740
Fax: (415) 775.5639