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Wed, 29 Dec 1999 02:49:49 -0500

Dear Dirk:

   Perhaps either yourself or someone at the list
serve; will know where to obtain this information.  I
am looking for the amount of Funds *Saved* by the fair
implementation of poor laws. TANF, HUD, SSI, General
Assistance or relief.

   What group has published these types of numbers if
any?  Or what research group, should  anyone get ahold
of to request a study along this avenue?

   I have seen families wrongfully denied assistance
of any kind become homeless and a member require
hospitalization.  This average between $300 and $1,000
a day.  The people who get sick rarely has insurance,
or has medicaid and the tax payer picks up the tab.

  Americans understand dollars.  If a study proved
keeping poverty cost More than Solving the problem
they would demand we solve the injustice which leads
to human lack.

  Now is the time not to only fight welfare which
affects something like 5% of the poor - Now is the
time to clamor for meaning change of the system which
fails to provide the basics of life.

Jan Lightfoot,
PO Box 62 Hinckley ME. 04944
1-800-438-3890 for those without funds,
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