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Tue, 28 Dec 1999 17:29:32 -0800 (PST)

I have generally been disappointed with banner exchange services. I've
never found one that delivered results worth having the thing on my
webpage.  This service, however, looks different, and particularly
mentions being of use to low-income women and women with limited access
to the web.  It looked worth passing on.

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   Banner Ads Create New Opportunities for Success
by Alicia Paszkiewicz, Administrator of Women Hyperbanner Net

Women Hyperbanner Net was launched March 1998, it is a banner exchange
program targeted towards Women and womenīs interests. Websites are exposed
by way of ads to thousands of women related sites. What makes Women
Hyperbanner unique is that itīs global;therefore, it offers our members
tremendous opportunities and exposure for their websites - all for free.

One of the stories related to the work I do particularly comes to
mind. A while ago, I made contact with a writer through a link. She had
just published a book so I wrote her about our services. She replied that
all she could afford was an email account because she did not have her own
website to promote her book; therefore, she could not take advantage of
being a member of Women Hyperbanner. She explained being on a very
limited income, retired, and that she lived in a remote mountain area of
Colorado and her only mode of transportation was by snowmobile.

Her book was about how a retiree can make extra income. :-)

I think that IS a success story, because of her link at our site, many
have been able to find her helpful and inspiring book.
Due to the Internet a person on a limited income, living in a remote area,
can easily and inexpensively reach many people all over the world. That
fact alone amazes me. This medium is changing so many of our lives all
around the globe. It certainly has changed mine in many ways.

Women Hyperbanner is making a difference to many of its members everyday by
providing free ads around the globe along with a variety of webtools to
help Women obtain the most for their sites. It is a free service supported
by Sponsors and Partners, a way to provide an opportunity for thousands of
Women to get their business off the ground.

Follow up very quickly on each request.
Stay Organized.

Visit: to join. (Alicia will walk you
through everything and help you to maximize the benefits of this
opportunity.- Elana)

Elana Lindquist - Marketing & Public Relations
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