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I think there's a great deal of information available for leadership
training. You might start with Social Work schools, ones that have a
community organizing program, for example, University of MD and University
of Pittsburgh.

The finest leadership workshop I've ever attended was developed and
presented by the Brushy Institute from Berea, KY. They were working in
conjunction with the West Virginia Coalition on Food and Nutrition.

Their contact info is:

Web site URL: http://www.berea.edu/BrushyFork
Brushy Fork Institute
CPO 2164, Berea College
Berea, KY 40404
Phone: 606 986-9341 extension 6838
Fax: 606 986-5510

Another place you might contact is an anti-poverty nonprofit called Just
Harvest in Homestead, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh). They run a Women's
Leadership and Organizing Project which teaches women from low-income
communities how to advocate and organize effectively in their own
communities. They also have a wealth of resources they can point you

Contact them at:

120 East 9th Avenue
Homestead, PA  15120
Phone: 412-464-0739
Fax: 412-464-0758

Finally, you might contact the Kellogg Foundation. They fund a lot of
community leadership development work (the one at Just Harvest, for
example), and could give you even more ideas.

Web site URL: www.wkkf.org
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
One Michigan Avenue East
Battle Creek, Michigan 49017-4058
Phone: 616/968-1611

I think you'll find many folks will share their curricula for free.  Good

Gina Wilson
Baltimore, MD