Los Angeles Food Not Bombs Update Monday 27 December 1999

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 16:56:03 -0800 (PST)

FWD  On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, LA FNB <lafnb@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi.  This is Dan from LA.  Could you redistribute
this as you see fit.  I am currently in Philly, and
don't have access to my email, so I'm not sure how
much information is out there yet.  But I have a
feeling everyone in LA is so busy right now that this
may be new info.

At our serving this past Sunday, 7 (from what i can
gather), members of Food not Bombs were arrested for
serving food in Pershing Square.  None of them were
released on PR (even though most had no priors and
live in LA).  A few were bailed out and have court
dates.  At least one is concerned about immigration
status and is being arrained sometime soon (he did not
want to get arrested and was video taping as an
independent observer).

We currently have a growing list of prominant
community members who support us in this struggle.
Please have any of your favorite union leaders, church
leaders, and community organizations contact jino or
scott at 310.673.5141 about signing on.


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