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Who I am supporting for election as the next
US President, & why

How or if one votes, and then for whom and as to why they may
vote for them, is a very personal and private matter if a person
cares to keep it as such -- at least in my opinion. In recent
years, I have come to believe that while I would never tell
someone who they should vote for or why of course, that if they
are open to it, that it is alright to share whom I may support
and vote for especially when there is so much on the line.

This is just that sort if occasion I believe. So I assume
that if you are still reading this message, you are open
to hearing what I have to share on this topic and am
consenting to to hear my views.

First off, I am a staunch independent, I have no interest
in supporting any particular party or voting according to
who is on some party ticket. Generally speaking, and
speaking for myself only of course, I believe in supporting
and voting for people who best represent interests I care
strongly about and the values and concerns that I hold dear.
As such, I vote my conscience and expect the same of any
elected official when they make decisions they are faced with.
If they do not because they are so heavily influenced by other interests and
powers, then I do not support or vote for them.

I have decided to fully support the candidacy of Bill
Bradley in his election bid to become the next President of
the United States of America.

Below are some of the reasons behind my decision.

Why I support Bill Bradley for President:

The qualities I would like to see in our next president and
my earnest hopes for the future of our country include:

As a prominent public figure and as the Chief Executive of
our nation, our President needs to be a role model for citizens
based on what their actual actions are both in private as well
as in public according to what anyone would hope for others and especially
our children to embrace, to have guide them and
follow. Not just by or through their words alone -- words that
may otherwise be in conflict with their actual doings.

Of our President, we need the same level and sort of integrity,
mutual trust, honesty, ethics, sense of fairness and fair play, courage,
sensitivity, openness and diversity of mind, attitude
and character, including non-violent and non-judgemental
attitudes,  common sense, compassion and tolerance for others, resolve and
engagement that we need and expect others to be in
their homes, schools, workplaces, institutions, communities and streets
everywhere. No more and no less.

We need someone who can lead by their actions, not merely by
their lips or intellect alone.

I believe that Bill Bradley is such a person, so I am
supporting him for President.

As an activist who works (unpaid at the moment) for human
rights and social justice in many matters, including and
especially regarding "mental health", disabilities, homelessness, poverty
and also on the causes and results of violence and abuse,
I believe that Bill Bradley is the one candidate for President
who shares many of the same values I do even if he may not
relate to me or my exact experiences. At the very least, I
believe that Bill Bradley is the one candidate whom will be the
most open to what I and other citizens like me are working very
hard for in their communities. I believe that he will not just be
open to this in order to get himself elected, but that he will actually be
open and active about the same once elected as

You may know me an individual who experiences homelessness and
also as having the experience of having a major label/disability which of
course are experiences that are feared and devalued in
our society. As such these experiences brings much disrespect,
discrimination and many barriers in various forms which make it extremely
difficult or painful in attempting to realize the full
and equal rights and responsibilities and being able to
participate actively as any a citizen has the right and ability
to. Often times we are regarded and treated as the problem and
the enemy.

I hope that the next President would actively work with my peers
and I, along with our allies, to bring about real changes in our
lives and our communities so such painful experiences and
practices may be put to an end once and for all and certainly
not tolerated or even supported as they are currently.

I believe that Bill Bradley is the candidate for President that
will be active in working with us as we continue our work in
this regard. With him as President, I believe our work may
realize the results so many have hoped and worked so long for.

Despite all the rhetoric and smoke and mirrors by the current
administration, some former ones and other would-be presidential candidates
and other politicians as well, we are not only far
from it, but are being lead (or should I say dragged) in the
other direction. I do believe that any of the other current
candidates will bring us more of the same or even worse that
we have experienced over the years and are currently

This must change and we need a person in office who can work
with us to make that change possible. In my mind, Bill Bradley
is this person.

We need a President that will really trust and believe in the
people, the constitution and the Bill of Rights and stand firm against all
those who would undermine the power that is
rightfully that of the people and of the individual citizen
against outside influence and oppression in any guise.

In closing, I would state that if only we had a President with
such a conscience, heart, mind and soul, we could then more
likely realize what many of us are working and hoping for. This
would be far better than being resigned to simply wishing for or
imagining the possibilities for ourselves and everyone else in
our vast and diverse country to grow and prosper. No one should
have to need to worry where they may sleep or what they may have
to eat during any given day or night or of not being truly free
to determine their own decisions and about what to choose from
concerning their own lives as if they had no value or rights in
our society.

If I hope, wish and pray for anything, it will be very seriously
be about that. However, I know that my hopes, desires and
prayers are never enough. I know that I have to have the faith
to act upon them.

If only we had someone as President to finally stand forth and seriously
challenge the status quo. Someone who has the strength, resolve, heart,
mind, insight, vision and leadership skills to
do so. Someone who would actually lead with us and act upon
their ideals, heart and spirit as well as their well grounded
reason. Someone in whom, as Chief Executive of our nation, we
could work with so we could better realize the opportunities and
in fulfilling our hopes and dreams that we and our nation need to follow.

Of course, no President can do it alone, it will take all of
our many efforts to follow-up on our vote and support for their

We need to move beyond simply being resigned to remembering
others in need during certain times of the year or in only
certain ways or during election cycles. Someone who will act in meaningful
and positive ways to help others improve their lives
and communities.

We need a President with a real belly full of fire, and not just puffing or
blowing smoke, to help lead this country in the
direction so many of us know it needs to move toward for the
future of us all.

I firmly believe that, yes, Bill Bradley is that person.

I believe that Bill Bradley as President, will help us in moving beyond
dreaming and toward fulfilling the hopes of so many in
need and then having the faith to act in following through in
the making of better possibilities for everyone -- especially all
of those who are most in need in our country.

If you are at all interested in learning more about Bill Bradley
and his campaign for President, please visit:

I appreciate your reading this long message and I am open to
hearing from you about your views if you care to share them with
me and whatever they may be.


Morgan W. Brown

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