Re: chance martin's submission for best quote of 1999

unclescam (
Sat, 25 Dec 1999 23:13:27 -0500

they they they . if we have nothing to lose , who the fuck are "they "? when
did we become dependant on "they"? as long as we give away our independence we
create our own defeat. "they" can't give me a home, i have to make it on my
own. if i have to beg "they" to keep me alive, am i ?

"Coalition on Homelessness, SF" wrote:

> We have nothing to lose.  We are dying.  What more can they take from
> you than your life?  They go after your spirit; they go after your
> dignity; they go after your ability to determine for yourself - and then
> they let you die in the streets.
> What you have to do is be willing to stand up and say, 'First, you're gonna
> look me in the eye. You are gonna treat me like an equal. You are
> gonna treat me with respect. BECAUSE I DEMAND IT! And if enough of
> us--from our little funky little
> street newspapers - from our taken-over airwaves with our independent
> liberation radio station - manipulating the media and learning from
> the way they ignore us - if we are saying the same thing then WE
> create the national dialog.
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