NYC Mayor on HUD Homeless $60M cash flap: Democrats ganging up on

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FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Dec 23, 1999 00:07


     Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani believes
Democrats are ganging up on him and he's getting sick of it. His
likely opponent in the race for the U.S. Senate _ Hillary Rodham
Clinton _ says he gets angry too easily.

On Wednesday, for the second consecutive day, Giuliani
criticized Andrew Cuomo, secretary of the Department of Housing and
Urban Development for barring the city from relaying federal funds
to homeless service providers on grounds the city _ and Giuliani in
particular _ inserted politics into the process.

But the mayor widened the attack to include Mrs. Clinton;
political consultant James Carville; environmental attorney Robert
Kennedy Jr.; Cuomo's wife, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo; and Brooklyn
District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Mrs. Clinton is likely to be Democratic candidate for the U.S.
Senate; Carville has been critical of Giuliani's campaign team in
recent weeks, saying it has engaged in ``smear'' tactics and
``thuggery''; Kennedy has been increasingly critical of Giuliani's
efforts to protect the city's drinking water supply from
development in the watershed; Mrs. Kennedy Cuomo mentioned the
public war of words between her husband and Giuliani at a
Democratic fund-raiser Tuesday evening; and finally, Hynes' office
is investigating former Giuliani chief of staff Bruce Teitelbaum in
connection with a fatal building collapse in Brooklyn last month
and whether Teitelbaum tried to aid Giuliani supporters in taking
short cuts in the city building inspection process.

Teitelbaum heads Giuliani's exploratory U.S. Senate campaign.

``You've got to be like living on Mars not to figure out what's
going on,'' said Giuliani, whose remarks were punctuated with
pleading, anger and personal asides.

``Mrs. Kennedy Cuomo is doing her thing last night,'' he said.
``You have Bobby Kennedy now getting very, very active on the
watershed. You have Andrew Cuomo trying to take funds away from the
city and (you) have an investigation that is no investigation _
where you can't even articulate an allegation _ that the prosecutor
is not willing to close. They're all involved in politics. They're
all thinking about how they can help (Democratic presidential
candidate) Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. I wish they would stop it.
It's actually silly.''

Mrs. Clinton said Wednesday that Giuliani gets angry too easily.

``I can't be responding every time the mayor gets angry about
something because that's all I would do,'' she said after visiting
a Salvation Army food distribution center in Syracuse.

Teitelbaum dismissed Mrs. Clinton's comments about Giuliani's
anger, saying that ``in this campaign there's only one person who
as an elected official has worked with other elected officials from
another political party and done so very effectively.''

Teitelbaum is being investigated for his role in the Nov. 23
collapse of a building under construction in Brooklyn in which as
immigrant day laborer suffocated in wet concrete. Investigators are
trying to determine whether Teitelbaum, then Giuliani's chief of
staff, ordered the ouster of a city building inspector who tried to
enforce codes on politically connected builders, including the
owner of the structure that collapsed.

Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, said Wednesday that the
Teitelbaum investigation should be dropped immediately.

``I have to attribute the whole thing, including stringing the
investigation out, to try to create some bad publicity, and I can
give maybe four or five other examples of this,'' the mayor said.
``This is Clinton politics come to New York. It's what they used to
do in Arkansas. ... I recognize it. It doesn't affect me. It's not
going to intimidate me. It's actually going to help me.''

Giuliani concluded: ``I run an honest administration, a decent
administration and we follow the law and I can prove that 50
different ways.''

A spokesman for Andrew Cuomo said Giuliani had ``chosen to hurl
accusations'' instead of apologize for his behavior. Robert Kennedy
said he has been working on watershed issues for 15 years.

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