Governor Bush needs to take off his poverty filtering shades

William Tinker (
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 21:59:07 -0500

You may forward this to Governor George W. Bush if you like.Thanks very much
! Bill Tinker


Dear Governor Bush,
 Have you really looked around you or are you oblivious to the pain and
suffering of the people in the street?Not only in Texas but all over our 50

Apparently you and a select few of the candidates running for public office
are short sighted,and didn,t see the hunger in the mans eyes as you scurried
to your next campaign dinner?

You almost tripped over the blind man selling newspapers when you exited
your last meeting with your PR person,about the negative "cocaine ads"being
run on and about you in New Hampshire!

As a matter of fact you are so engrossed with your own egotistical agenda
that you have not noticed that your own  personal family life is suffering
...But worse than that is you are no longer your own man you are bought and
paid for,you know it and so does your whole family!!!

I am sorry you have not heard or listened to that inner being,the moral
fiber that was your up bringing.I think its called the ID?

Your claim that "Jesus Christ is your greatest inspiration", is nothing more
than a means to garner a few more votes!   I find it personally abhorrent
and if you can look some man in the eyes,after being showed the problems
with the system and you willfully refuse to help or do anything to correct
the displaced,and working poor dilemma,than you better stay in your state as
Governor I don,t need you tracking up our landscape with your compassionate

Merry Christmas!..My S.O. Linda Morgan said thanks for the card from you and
your family to her but she is voting independant for the ones whom she knows
can and will win...Sorry our crystal ball has you staying in Texas George
its not your time yet ! Perhaps with the proper attitude and more grooming
by your fathers associates,you might be ready for the White House in 4 more
years ...

Respectfully submitted,
William Tinker
25 Granite Street

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> Lead story in today's Austin American-Statesman which George W. reads
> daily.
> Click this link to call up:
> Actually, the story is too friendly to him.
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