Fw: Lttr from George W. Bush to homeless advocate

William Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 21:37:36 -0500

 Tony Hearn,and  All,

Is this the treatment you get too,from politicians,this is wrong he
circumvented the whole issue just like our Governor Jeanne Shaheen does .

It is a sad day in the history books when you can not get a straight un
adulterated answer to a question you asked..And I believe that the question
is one that desrves a realistic view instead of some broad reply that is not
even close to what you wrote and asked them about  in the first place!

And these people want to return to office!!! OH my word we must deny them
this because they are not in touch with reality at all.

"A Brother In Stife And In Peace" Bill Tinker

PS. Tony don,t give up we need some one to be his conscience in
Texas,because this is his character flaw[lack of compassion and spouting
religeous views that he does to impress the bible belt but not me. I am
afraid you could not buy my vote "Shrub"]...Thanks for keeping in touch
Tony,it is appreciated whole heartedly!
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From: Tony Hearn <thearn@thewestgategazette.com>
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Subject: Lttr from George W. Bush to homeless advocate

> The following letter from Gov. George W. Bush was received by Tony
> Hearn. A response was sent via email.
> <P>In a letter to Austin homeless advocate Tony Hearn, dated Dec. 17,
> Texas Governor George W. Bush, who is also seeking the Republican
> presidential nomination, wrote the following:
> <P>"Thank you for your message about assistance for the homeless in
> Austin.
> <P>"I believe that all residents of the Lone Star State deserve safe,
> affordable housing. Although I understand that you would like me to
> intervene, opening another shelter in Austin is a decision that must be
> addressed by local officials. I encourage you to continue working with
> these officials to find solutions to this problewm.
> <P>"I appreciate your continued concern for your fellow Texans.
> <P>"Sincerely,
> <P>George W. Bush"
> <P>Tony Hearn had written Gov. Bush asking him to encourage the mayor of
> the capital city of Texas, Austin, to open an emergency overflow shelter
> for women and children who were on waiting lists at existing shelters.
> <P>Tony responds to Gov. Bush:
> <P>Dear Governor:
> <P>I am heartened that you believe all residents of Texas deserve safe,
> affordable housing.
> <P>In my letter to you, I asked you to perform a simple act: ask Austin
> Mayor Kirk Watson who has an office only two blocks from your mansion to
> consider opening an emergency shelter for homeless women and children in
> the capital city of the state which you serve as governor. Apparently,
> you believe you cannot make a simple request for the demonstration of
> compassion upon the poor by local officials.
> <P>Aside from the fact that I am amazed that you did not read my request
> to you correctly (I did not ask you to open a shelter; I asked you to
> encourage the mayor and council to open a shelter), Governor, I feel
> great pity for you. You say you believe Texans deserve safe, affordable
> housing, but you won't make the effort to ask the mayor of Austin to
> solve this emergency in your own hometown. What is belief without
> action? You told the nation that Christ is your inspiration. Don't you
> think Christ would have you use your influence to encourage local
> officials to be compassionate? Have you no notion of a "bully pulpit?"
> How can you seek to be the leader of the free world when you cannot even
> ask the mayor of your own hometown to look into the matter.
> <P>You say "opening a shelter is a decision that must be addressed by
> local officials." Opening a shelter is a decision that must be made by
> local officials, but, Governor, it may be addressed by all of us. And I
> would hope, Governor, because you have made compassion such a prominent
> part of your campaign for president that you would begin to address it
> in your own hometown. "Charity begins at home" is a truism because it is
> true.
> <P>You write: "I encourage you to continue working with these officials
> to find solutions to this problem." In simple language, Governor, may I
> just respond: "ditto!" Perhaps, I expected too much of you during your
> political activities.
> <P>Sincerely,
> <P>Brother Tony Hearn
> Sickening, isn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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