ALERT: LA Food Not Bombs ARRESTED - 2 press releases - please

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Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:55:22 -0800 (PST)

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2 press releases from Los Angeles Food Not Bombs


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:08:24 -0800
From: Dan <dipasquo@ISI.EDU>
Subject: LA Food Not Bombs to meet....-press release

Press Release - Food Not Bombs
Media Contacts:         Dan DiPasquo 310.448.8277
                         Scott Gibson 310.673.5141


Food Not Bombs, a grassroots group dedicated to fighting poverty, will be
meeting with officials from Pershing Square in the park on Wednesday,
December 22 at 7PM. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the
unwarranted arrest of organizer Dan DiPasquo and to demand the use of the
park for all future servings without further police harassment.  The group
has been serving at its current location in the park for the past two
years, and has vowed to continue to serve there with or without consent of
the city.  At 8PM, following the meeting, Food Not Bombs will host a press
conference in Pershing Square to discuss the results of the negotiations,
the arrest this past Sunday, and plans for their next scheduled serving on
Sunday December 26. Videos and still pictures of this past Sunday's serving
and subsequent arrest are available (contact the above numbers).


Mon, 20 Dec 1999 via San Francisco Food Not Bombs <>

Press Release - Food Not Bombs

Media Contacts:         Dan DiPasquo 310.448.8277
                        Scott Gibson 310.673.5141


On Sunday December 15 at 5PM, the Los Angeles chapter of Food Not Bombs, a
grassroots organization dedicated to fighting poverty, arrived in Pershing
Square as they have for the past two years to distribute free food at their
Sunday evening community meal.  Upon arrival in the park, the group was
told by both the park manager and park rangers that the must move from
their prominent position in the north end of the park to the less visible
south end of the park.  Because a prime objective of Food Not Bombs'
community meals is to raise consciousness and to counter Los Angeles's "out
of sight, out of mind" policy towards the poor, the group deemed it
unacceptable to be pushed to the back of the park and continued to serve at
their normal location.  Subsequently Food Not Bombs organizer, Dan
DiPasquo, was arrested by the Pershing Square park rangers and the Los
Angeles Police Department.

This arrest was the latest escalation on the part of the city in the battle
against Food Not Bombs for the use of public space in Pershing Square.  The
group has been repeatedly harassed by park rangers and private security
guards for serving in a visible location in the park.  This is part of the
larger struggle for use of public space in Los Angeles where the
impoverished are routinely harassed by the police and illegally by the
Business Improvement District's notorious private security
goons.  Nationally similar battles are being waged on the poor (in NYC and
Cleveland it is currently illegal to sleep on the street) and on activists
(Food Not Bombs activists in San Francisco and several other cities have
been repeatedly arrested for serving food in prominent locations).  Food
Not Bombs member Phillip Salcido likened the current struggle to historic
civil rights struggles, "Just as Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of
the bus, the poor in Los Angeles are now refusing to move to the back of
the park!"

This also is part of the alarming trend in US cities to declare the most
visible locations (and in the case of Seattle during the WTO, the entire
downtown area) no protest zones in which police can legally trample on our
protected constitutional rights.

Food Not Bombs has agreed to meet later this week with park, but the group
remains committed to maintaining their position at the front of the
park.  They have vowed to continue to practice non-violent civil
disobedience if they are not permitted to stay.

Photos online:

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