Re: It's Not Necessarily BAD to be born in a manger--depends whom you're WITH

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To All!
I have been homeless on a number of occassions,but I never remember losing
my respect or grasp on humanity,nor compassion for other living things.

I realize any body can be programmed to hate, if hated long enough and shown
nothing but physical or emotional abuse for years on end,but I must say that
I have worked in institutions that thought some one was an idiot because
they had not spoken in years and had with drawn into a catatonic stupor...

Then one day along came the right catalist, a person whom really cared and
brought out the inner being.... which was the real personality that was
surpressed for 15 years,the man was taken off all medications and was
intergrated back into society to live a normal life......

I don,t care if one plan or idea works for all,if it works for one person
today, than the
plan has done its job,that is why we have all attempted to pool each others
ideas on homelessness in order to help whom we can now.At least that was my
impression,I don,t get paid to do this or think either but thats OK I like
to believe I may make a difference for perhaps one person today,and if I do
than I can feel rewarded and that is my payment ....

I myself believe if your intentions are good and you have some plan that can
benefit the homeless and poor disabled of our planet attempt it, share it
with the world,communes worked for some ,some people did not like giving up
individuality,or personal wealth and could not live that way ,in Vermont
there was Peoples Park I am sure some ageless hippies remember hearing about
that shared community?It worked for a long time!

Well my point is that there are no set rules on resolving homelessness or in
how to end it either your plans work for a few or numbers if it works at
all,you are doing good and I say push it till the chickens all come home to

Make our politicians remember who put them in office,it was we the people
.....That sounds like a huge commune to me .....

"A Brother In Peace And In Strife" Bill Tinker

> Au contraire, "Community Socializing Places" are a big deal, in a world
> teaches us to hate, distrust and kill each other. Many of us who are or
> been homeless for an extended period of time couldn't care less about the
> type of
> "community" you speak of.
> It sounds like the old Sixties communes that failed terribly because our
> basic human nature is to look out for number one. I live alone, and I have
> billions of reasons not to trust anyone but myself; my number one reason
> being survival.
> I fight for my survival primarily to be here for my nuclear family, and
> secondarily for my extended family and friends, if and when they need me.
> survive spiritually by helping others, but that has to do with
> not community.
> I have heard the call many times before, and it has always fallen by the
> wayside. Your call may succeed, but I don't think so.
> It is a good idea, but good ideas don't usually work, in this fascist
> we live in. Most homeless adults and teens want a place of their own, and
> there is nothing wrong with that, in this day and age, as far as I'm
> concerned. Many of us may love our neighbors very much, but this does not
> necessarily mean we should trust or live with them.
> There is nothing fundamentally wrong with establishing "communities" for
> poor and dejected people, but that should be an option, not mandatory just
> because some people believe it is the way everyone should live. The sad
> truth is that many people have been abused, exploited and even murdered,
> communes, including "religious" ones.
> There is no one solution to homelessness, in any case, and the more
> the homeless are offered, the better. Yours is a sound solution for some
> homeless folks, but not for all. love-peace, ruben
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> ... What comprises "essential" housing is not obvious.
> ... What American Housing consists of is not the same as the naturalistic
> housing
> ... of Native Americans or Australian Aborigines.
> ... One of the reasons that America does not house all its people is
> ... because of the inflated notion that housing seems to occupy--
> ... that what is desirable is a great deal of enclosed space, with fragile
> floors,
> ... spacious window treatments and voluminous cabinet and closet space to
> ... HOLD lots and lots of STUFF.
> ... The reality IS--Life is not merely STUFF; Life is experiences.
> ... The more STUFF people collect--the fewer experiences they have because
> ... the more immobilized they become.
> ... Monasteries and convents have tiny sleeping rooms and large community
> halls
> ... for a REASON.
> ... If we are to get the homeless into homes, we must also get them into
> Community.
> ... They must not merely have a warm place to sleep; they must also gain
> ... a place to BE who they are, to WORK at what they DO, and to be
> recognized.
> ... Merely placing people in houses accomplishes NONE of these additional
> objectives.
> ...
> ... Now the fact IS:
> ... We have all the skills we need to raise money and manage the
> capitalization
> ... of a Community--we know how to run pawn shops, consignment shops,
> surplus
> ... stores, and we can even build our own credit union.
> ... We have all the skills we need to build private sleeping places
> to
> ... Community Socializing Places--no big deal.
> ... We have all the legal work done, to write a set of Condo Rules that
> everyone can
> ... live with, that is not dependent on any one ideology.
> ... We have all the organizational knowledge we need to work
> cooperatively--in food
> ... cooperatives, restaurant cooperatives, library cooperatives,
> baby-sitting cooperatives,
> ... so that people in community can work together and for themeselves.
> ... NOW, we can deal with homelessness--not with bandaids and hand-outs.
> ... We can be like Moses and the "mixed company" out of Egypt and
> ... really build something new.
> ... Merry Christmas to all of you who want to live in Community--
> ...
> ... May the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding be with you
> Christmas.
> chaiyah
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