Re: NYC Mayor Giuliani's "Safe Streets" address on 21 Nov 1999

Graeme Bacque (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 20:31:38 -0500

You noticed he said nothing about the homeless woman who was subsequently 
attacked and set on fire while riding on the subway in what was clearly a 
retaliatory hate crime.

This man makes me fucking sick.

At 04:09 PM 12/20/1999 -0800, Tom Boland wrote:
>"The streets of our city and other civilized cities are not places
>for people to sleep. If they do try to sleep in the streets of the
>city, they're indicating that they have serious problems, problems
>that should result in their being removed - not being ignored - so
>we can deal with the problems." -- NYC Mayor "Rudy" Giuliani

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