No easy street

William Tinker (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:15:05 -0500

Mr.Michael Stoops,

Hello I have contacted Mr.Haskell,he in turn gave me a Mr,Olcutts,address
which I wrote to him and requested the proper forms and grant papers to be
sent to me so we NHomeless@egroups could perhaps get a home of our own for
the shelter,I have spoken to my pastor of my church [New Covenant
Fellowship]Franklin,N.H. and he said that he would not be against allowing
the church to sleep between 6-8 persons but was not sure if we could support
a bigger shelter because of no funds  either,the church is non profit also.

But I believe I might need for some one perhaps you to send an e-mail to
Mr.Haskell,so he could contact Mr.Olcutt who could send us the needed
paperwork to set up it takes about 6 months to make things
jell,but meanwhile what happens to the displaced and disabled poor persons ?

The following was a letter wrote to Concord monitor to
she is our lady Governor also it was mailed to and a few
cc. sent but there is a very real need to help these people now not when
they are scraped off the sidewalks or retrieved needing body parts amputated
or worse.

We do appreciate anything you can do Mr.Stoops and thank you very much for
your assistance to date!

Sincerely yours,
William Tinker
25 Granite Street # 4
Northfield,N.H. 03276-1640

 Letter To Editor

 No easy street for the homeless

 Sunday, December 19, 1999

   First of all, it is not the most wonderful time of the year.

   We the disabled and displaced are bearers of no ill will toward our
 fellow man. We only want to exist on a little better rung on the social
 ladder if the world will allow us to try.

   Has Gov. Shaheen ever eaten in a soup kitchen without seeking
 publicity? Has she ever had to sleep in a parked car or a box car or a
 ramshackle dwelling with no windows because she had no place else to stay?

   Anyone who has not had to walk a mile in the disabled and homeless
 person's shoes shouldn't pass judgment. You need life experience in order
 to pass legislation or disapprove funds toward helping these worthy folks.

   I am trying to set up a shelter in the area run by volunteers who are
 displaced or disabled. I have not got a whole lot of help from the state
 or with information from the governor's office, but I am sure it's just an
 oversight. The governor doesn't want someone freezing to death on the
 State House steps - bad publicity, right?

   I hope Gov. Shaheen will take time to poll the homeless places and go
 incognito. She will be surprised at how open people are toward her and
 willing to help her if they think she is one of them.

   I want to praise the Concord homeless for keeping my sorry rear from
 dying in 1989.

   I have not forgotten my friends who have died on these streets either.
 I believe it's time for the Legislature to open its heart and wallet to
 pass out some money to keep these programs going.