Homeless and poor must confront Giuliani

Terry B. (redd_dogg187@yahoo.com)
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:59:21 -0800 (PST)


 For those that live in New York and other major
cities know what the situation is for the homeless.
Here in Detroit it is the same. Casinos are opening,
so the police are heavier in the poor working-class
areas, and they are forcing the homeless out. But what
is happening in New York is outrageous, and must be

 To make an individual work so they can sleep in my
view is slavery. Shelters are not a plantation. To
make it illegal to sleep in parks, etc. should be
viewwed as torture and murder. They would not do this
to the rich or middle class. Homless and homeless
advocatees alike need to take this fight top the
streets in mass protest. 

 Giuliani doesn't care about the poor, he is openly
racist, he has turned NYC into a police state. He is
openly oppressive his policies must be stopped. He
knows that his policis are inhumane, he treats the
poor and homeless like animals. We must show him who
hold real power in America through mass
demonstrations, our voices must be heard.

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