displaced and disabled rights,answer to candidate Bill Bradleys response about homeless disabled pla

William Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 16:05:12 -0500

Dear William Bradley;
 Bill I was in Londonderry,NH, when you were talking to us on a forum for
disabilities GSILF put it on Larry Robinson,I am a member,!

 I appreciate your response and you are correct it would be a very boring
world if we were all yes men now wouldn,t it but my concerns are that we do
have some serious problems reaching our politicians once they reached the
podium...Some forget how they got there and flip flop on issues the are
serious enough to lose the game on!

 Do you get where I am coming from,now there are aout 220,000 displaced and
disabled voters of all areas of out state magnify that by each state there
are up words of 40,000,000 people that are either disabled or displaced  in
america please do not make the mistake that our votes don,t count because we
are organizing and we will vote for one of our own soon,..I believe that
once a politician has been in office for 4 years he has become a bought
man,and owes far to many favors and can no longer fuction freely as he once
did when he was first elected.

You see it all the time even on the judicial level to many favors causes a
loss of faith in accountability,and also a politician needs to be a tried
and true member of the"LIARS" club,you know the fish story the ones that got

I liked you as a ball player Bill,you were great I am sorry you don,t think
the displaced and disabled are worthy enough to pander to because I think if
you did you might have a fighting chance...Oh that air silence when you were
talking to us in Londonderry in November,that made you look a bit  inept
thats only to  this untrained ungroomed persons opinion though,you can take
it or leave it...

I just want you to know I e-mailed every one else on the homeless and
disabled persons human rights and I think some of them caught the ball and
are starting to score points....

Politically speaking good luck...William "Bill" Tinker