Re: Homeless to Council: Shelters full. Your place OK? -

Tom Boland (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:32:19 -0800 (PST)

Dan, it sounds like great networking for justice is going on with you all
in Cleveland.

AP even had a reporter do an backgrounder (trend analysis) linking your
work with the struggle against NYC police sweeps of homeless people.  I
hope politicians begin to get the message: no harrassment of homeless
people without lost community support.

Will there be a Slumber Party?  Will the Mayor come?  Santa?  Jesus, Mary
and Joseph?  Reuters, UPI and AP?  ACLU and AFSC?

Witness nonviolently for justice. -- Tom

Daniel Kerr <> of Cleveland Food Not Bombs wrote on 12 Dec:
>We plan on bringing food out again
tommorow (Sunday) and are thinking of organizing a big slumber party on
public square the Wed. before xmas.  We will decide if that's going to
happen this comming Wed.
>Other things that have come out of this include the establishment of a
weekly workshop in one of the drop in centers to politic regarding where
our energy can best be placed to create change for the better for those of
us in Cleveland who live on the street and in the shelter system.

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