Re: Rosie, oh Rosie

Mike Steindel (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 13:27:56 -0800 (PST)

What an incredibly bigoted newspaper article. It suggests that the
homeless population is made up of drunks and trespassers. It makes the
homeless out as macabre creatures of the night to run in fear for your
life from. It is this same type of irresponsible prejudicial reporting
that caused "Reefer Madness" to be thought of as truth. 

I am not a fan of Rosie O'Donnell primarily because of her hysterical
cry as a gungrabber to disarm all americans and in fact perhaps she
would have felt safer if she owned a firearm. However it is not fair to
equate trespassers and pranksters with the homeless.

here is the article:
With Carl Limbacher and Staff For the story behind the

Tuesday December 14, 11:42 PM 

Trespassers Drive Homeless Booster Rosie O'Donnell from Mansion 
Last week she was everywhere - TV, radio, quoted daily in the newspapers
- excoriating New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his insensitivity toward
the homeless. But for the last few days Rosie O'Donnell has kept her
lips zipped on the subject. 

Could it be because the TV chat host suddenly understands what it's like
to have one's personal security put at risk by the unwanted intrusion of
unruly strangers? 

Only the New York Post noticed a report in Rosie's hometown paper, the
Journal News of White Plains, about the "Queen of Nice" fleeing her digs
recently due to "security concerns." 

It seems that strangers had taken to wandering onto the grounds of
Rosie's "Pretty Penny" mansion. They'd climb her security wall, ring her
doorbell incessantly and generally act in a manner Ms. O'Donnell found
threatening. Now perhaps Rosie knows how average folk feel when the
usually inebriated, often hostile and sometimes violent individuals
she's been championing lately accost them. 

Rather than interact with the no doubt interesting characters who had
invaded her space, O'Donnell seems to have come down with a bad case of
"Not-In-My-Back-Yard." And since some of these happy wanderers were
already in her backyard, it was she who headed for the tall grass. 

Though her mansion could have undoubtedly made a wonderful getaway for
countless homeless city-dwellers, O'Donnell has made other plans. The
cherubic chatterbox has put the place on the market for a cool $2.75
million, nearly triple her initial investment. 

Does this mean TV's number one homeless advocate is now homeless
herself? Not on your life. Until she can snap up another country place
up north, Rosie and her son Parker will shuttle between pads in
Manhattan and Florida.