Re: RI Homeless Encampment update - CALL Gov. Almond

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Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:10:04 -0500

   is there expansion of the site or are they losing ground ? have other
groups of homeless given support or is this still the same core group.? has a
contingent from boston transferred some of it's homeless to the site even for
one nite ? are there discussions on doing so ? would it be any more effective
if  two thousand homeless would be there ? is bread n jams being pro active or
merely rah rah ? what of the homeless coalition, are they so busy trying to
elect hillary that other fellow travelers are neglected ? what a bunch o

Tom Boland wrote:

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> People to End Homelessness in Rhode Island is now in its 18th night of
> occupying the Statehouse lawn to protest the Governor's inaction on the
> overflow at our emergency shelters. We were granted a meeting with two of
> Governor Lincoln Almond's representatives. Our demands were that he act to
> expand the emergency beds by 50 and more importantly that he agree to a $5
> million State Housing Fund that could be accessed to provide permanent
> supportive housing for homeless people. Their answer was that they would
> "look into" the emergency shelter situation and that they would not support
> the creation of a State Housing Fund. That was more than a week ago and we
> haven't heard anything from them. We are considering various plans to
> escalate our protest. We'd appreciate phone calls to the governor. Ask him
> to find a way to expand the emergency beds and to support permanent housing
> for the homeless. His phone number is 401-222-2080. Just ask for Governor
> Lincoln Almond.
> Thanks
> Eric Hirsch
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