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Subject: from TDRC/KIRA - Fort York Armoury vigil

what follows here friends is our press release for tomorrow's action in
front of the Fort York Armoury - please try and make it if you can, and
pass on the information.  we are hoping a show of strength tomorrow
night will help city council pass a motion this week to speed the
opening of additional emergency shelter space BEFORE the holidays.  take
care everyone, kira
For Immediate Release!                   Monday, December 13, 1999

Christmas Present to Homeless People:
Federal and City Governments close the Fort York Armoury

With Christmas only 10 days away the federal and city governments have
decided to close a much needed shelter in Toronto's downtown core.
"When the Fort York Armoury closes its doors to homeless people this
Wednesday, December 15th, both governments are abandoning even more
people to a system already dangerously overcrowded," says Kira Heineck
of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC).  Heineck continues, "If
anyone dies during this holiday season because they could not find a
safe and sheltered space to go, it will be the responsibility of all
levels of government."

On Tuesday, December 14th at 6:00 p.m. the TDRC and its allies will be
hosting a press conference outside the Fort York Armoury to draw
attention to the danger faced by the many people homeless in our city
who can't access our shelter system because it is already operating at
over 100% capacity.  People who are currently trying to cope with this
situation will share their stories, including both how difficult it is
to secure a bed inside, and about the overcrowded conditions once

The Fort York Armoury is a federal building. Its extended use as a
shelter is a small gift that our federal government, as a major
architect of our current Homeless Disaster, could easily give to those
suffering on the streets as Christmas approaches.

Toronto's city council has directed that emergency shelter spaces be
opened immediately if capacity levels reach above 90% and hostel
services staff have said that they are able to open emergency shelter
spaces in a matter of days if directed to do so by the mayor.  Yet these
spaces are still not available - armoury or not, this is not acceptable.

We will all be there Tuesday night to remind everyone that we won't stop
the fight for a better hostel system and the fight for affordable
housing for all. We demand:

    that the federal and provincial governments stop their neglect of our
most vulnerable and implement the One Percent Solution, a national
housing strategy, at once; and
    that the city open new emergency shelter spaces IMMEDIATELY so that
every person who needs shelter can get it!

For Information: Kira Heineck 703-8482, x113 or 937-7715
    Beric German  964-2459 or 921-8668
    Cathy Crowe 703-8482, x117


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