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Tom Boland (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 13:24:20 -0800 (PST)

[Tom B wrote:]
>>AP PHOTO [Homeless man holds a sign which reads "The shelters are full.  How
>>about your place?"] SNIP

Daniel, thanks for the background info on anti-sweeps actions in Celveland.

I think the AP photo, with the sign clearly readable, would make a great
"anti-sweeps poster" for Food Not Bombs chapters and like-hearted folks.
With the cop and the homeless man, it seems to sum up the contest and the
"pack City Council" tactic.

Witness peacably for justice, Cleveland FNB and friends. -- Tom B

Daniel Kerr <> wrote:
>Great photo.  Thanks for sending it along Tom.  Actually we spent an hour
>making signs at Food Not Bombs last week and that is one that we made.  The
>man holding it is an incredible guy who I first met at the meeting.  He
>stood at the door of the council meeting afterwards and demanded each and
>every council person do something as they tried to squeeze their way past
>him.  I'm the tall standing shadowy figure in the background of the picture.
>So what have we done to resist this policy?  Well this article is one thing
>we have done.  After I sent out the original e-mail about the sweeps I went
>through a long list of names of people I have run across in my years of
>doing FNB here, including: Northeast Ohio Coalition of the Homeless to tell
>them what was going on, a Prof. in the ACLU, several reporters, and the
>local councilman, Joe Cimperman.  These calls originally led to a article
>in the Plain Dealer on the 1st.  I went to a meeting of Service providers
>last Friday and made a case for why they should oppose this along with
>Brian Davis of NEOCH and Ron Reinhart of Salvation Army.  We prepared to
>get arrested last Sunday for doing FNB, hence the signs but managed to
>avoid harrasment, perhaps becuase it was raining so hard and there were few
>shoppers out.  The police have been following Salvation Army trucks and
>have told several church groups to move along.  On Moday we had the protest
>at City Council and afterwards met with Joe Cimperman for an hour to
>strategize.  On Thursday I testified along with numerous presently homeless
>men and service providers at a hearing on the issue sponsored by US
>Rep.Dennis Kucinich.  He is solidly in our camp on the issue and has been
>pushing hard to put an end to this madness.  These hearings led to numerous
>other articles in the local press.  We plan on bringing food out again
>tommorow (Sunday) and are thinking of organizing a big slumber party on
>public square the Wed. before xmas.  We will decide if that's going to
>happen this comming Wed.
>Other things that have come out of this include the establishment of a
>weekly workshop in one of the drop in centers to politic regarding where
>our energy can best be placed to create change for the better for those of
>us in Cleveland who live on the street and in the shelter system.
>We've been trying to find ways to both address the immeadiacy of the
>present insanity facing us as well as put our self in a position to
>leverage long term social change.
>la lucha continua/the struggle continues,

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