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Sun, 12 Dec 1999 13:03:51 -0800

>Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 12:08:26 -0800
>To: "Rivaud"
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>Hey Rivaud-
>Part of the current federal funding structure for homeless programs 
>and services - HUD's "Continuum of Care" - mandates implementation 
>of internet-based referral to permit homeless people to access 
>services on-line.  Unfortunately, it also calls for a "tracking" 
>database system that would identify persons using any federally 
>funded homeless program or service on a regional basis.  The 
>potential for abusing such a tracking system say, to deny someone 
>access to a shelter in Oakland because the person had been kicked 
>out of a shelter in San Francisco for a fight - not to mention if 
>law-enforcement agencies could view the database - paints a pretty 
>scary picture.
>The good news, if there is good news here, is that they've been 
>dragging their feet on implementing either computer system because 
>HUD's budget keeps getting whittled away.  There's also the point to 
>be made that none of the millions of dollars these systems will cost 
>to bring on-line will actually be providing more shelter or services 
>to even one homeless person.
>In San Francisco, the best local on-line information and referral 
>resource we have is:
>The category that homeless programs and services would be under is 
>"emergency services" - just use keywords like "shelter" or "food." 
>I'm not sure where you're emailing us from, but I hope this helps.
>chance martin
>Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco

>>There are public libraries with WWW access. It would be helpful to be able
>>to access a list of resources for homeless people via the WWW. I'm trying to
>>find out how a homeless person can get Medicaid coverage and am finding no
>>help. The bureaucratic maze is huge. I can't find an online source for
>>information about applying for any benefits, finding a meal, getting hooked
>>up with medical care.
>>If there was a list somewhere that said, "Go to ____ for help with ____ ." I
>>see all this stuff on line and I still can't find out how to get medical
>>coverage, a meal, or a person to help me.
>>No, I don't have a phone. I'm at a public access computer writing from an
>>account someone else paid for. Ironic that a homeless person can more easily
>>get on the internet than get medical care.

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