Re: [nhhomeless] Re: Paying for shelter

William Tinker (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 15:04:46 -0500

 Bunny and all,
 Yes this is our dream to  have a class act some day but right now we are at
the creeping stage in our developement and I know that there is a real need
for many services to be promoted it takes money to buy rum.As the other
tried and true shelters can tell you and a lot of volunteers,as this is non
profit run by former homeless them selves!

 I will be happy to get a place we can call our own for a home so we can fix
it up and start taking in some brothers and sisters who have a need for a
shelter against the storm,or just safe harbor ...

 I believe in karma what ever we dole out in life we get back some day,so I
guess its time to be able to help those who are down but not out,long as
there is life there is hope!

 I know that I can not do this project alone, it is just to much for my
physical strengths and I am not positive that emotionally if I am strong
enough to run a homeless shelter! Thats why I requested in put from every
one that could give it on volunteer programs, and community help services,I
know Tillie Lemire the retired [right]head of Franklin,N.H.s  [Community
Action Program, you thought you were retired Tillie hehe ]She may have some
solid ideas I have sent her up dates on our venture I think she would help a
lot too!She is a great friend to have and has been a fighter for disabled
and displaced persons for longer than I have worn long pants!

So hey every one if  you have any help to offer it will be accepted with
greatest appreciations!!Thanks .......    Bill Tinker

Sent: Sunday, December 12, 1999 1:49 PM
Subject: [nhhomeless] Re: Paying for shelter

 Hi Bill and everyone,
     There's an old story, one I'm sure  most of you are familiar with in
 form or another.  It's the story of how you can buy a man a fish dinner and
 feed him once, or buy him a fishing pole and help him to learn how to keep
 himself fed.
     I think we've got to provide more than a temporary shelter, I think
 we've got to try to set up some sort of system to help these folks to find
 jobs if possible and lend them a hand up.

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