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Daniel Kerr (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 11:22:28 -0500

>Great photo.  Thanks for sending it along Tom.  Actually we spent an hour
making signs at Food Not Bombs last week and that is one that we made.  The
man holding it is an incredible guy who I first met at the meeting.  He
stood at the door of the council meeting afterwards and demanded each and
every council person do something as they tried to squeeze their way past
him.  I'm the tall standing shadowy figure in the background of the picture.  
>So what have we done to resist this policy?  Well this article is one
thing we have done.  After I sent out the original e-mail about the sweeps
I went through a long list of names of people I have run across in my years
of doing FNB here, including: Northeast Ohio Coalition of the Homeless to
tell them what was going on, a Prof. in the ACLU, several reporters, and
the local councilman, Joe Cimperman.  These calls originally led to a
article in the Plain Dealer on the 1st.  I went to a meeting of Service
providers last Friday and made a case for why they should oppose this along
with Brian Davis of NEOCH and Ron Reinhart of Salvation Army.  We prepared
to get arrested last Sunday for doing FNB, hence the signs but managed to
avoid harrasment, perhaps becuase it was raining so hard and there were few
shoppers out.  The police have been following Salvation Army trucks and
have told several church groups to move along.  On Moday we had the protest
at City Council and afterwards met with Joe Cimperman for an hour to
strategize.  On Thursday I testified along with numerous presently homeless
men and service providers at a hearing on the issue sponsored by US
Rep.Dennis Kucinich.  He is solidly in our camp on the issue and has been
pushing hard to put an end to this madness.  These hearings led to numerous
other articles in the local press.  We plan on bringing food out again
tommorow (Sunday) and are thinking of organizing a big slumber party on
public square the Wed. before xmas.  We will decide if that's going to
happen this comming Wed.  
>Other things that have come out of this include the establishment of a
weekly workshop in one of the drop in centers to politic regarding where
our energy can best be placed to create change for the better for those of
us in Cleveland who live on the street and in the shelter system.  
>We've been trying to find ways to both address the immeadiacy of the
present insanity facing us as well as put our self in a position to
leverage long term social change.  
>la lucha continua/the struggle continues,
>At 08:06 PM 12/11/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>AP PHOTO [Homeless man holds sign which reads "The shelters are full.  How
>>About your place?"]
>>A Cleveland police officer tells a homeless man, who identified himself
>>only as Michael, that no signs are allowed at the City Council meeting Dec.
>>6, 1999, in Cleveland. Citing public safety, Mayor Michael R. White has
>>ordered police to move along panhandlers and people sleeping on sidewalks
>>and arrest those who don't cooperate. The homeless and their advocates slam
>>the mayor and say the city is criminalizing the plight of street people.
>>(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)
>>Related AP news article:
>>FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Dec 10, 1999 02:00
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