Shelter costs?

William Tinker (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 09:49:30 -0500

  I believe that if you can pay $2.50 a night is more appropriate that is
 much more reasonable to defray electricity and cleaning of shower
 areas...After all if people could afford to pay $5.00 a night they could
 perhaps get a cock roach motel [flop house],but it would not be safe you
 get ripped off there as fast as on the street....anyone can tell you this!

  I have proposed a do-drop -in type of shelter which will be free similar
 the Lafayette Street Mission in the Bowery section of NYC,I was there back
 couple of moons ago but the mission or shelter is still going strong even
 this day.

  We are in the developemental stages and have sent for applications and
 information to get this off and running before real bad weather strikes[we
 hope] as our state government appears lacking in funding to help any of
 these homeless programs right now. But who knows they might have a change
 heart and give up some of the 9 million that they are sitting on that is
 supposed to be spent on the poor and disabled peoples ...

  So I say good luck to you if you can get the money, but I have seen a time
 when $5.00 was hard to come by as I am sure everyone has,I would not allow
 this to exclude any one shelter as long as there was room.....
  Thanks for hearing me out .    " A Brother in Peace and in Strife"  Bill

 PS.   Say Tom I think I would rather Visit Florida but not stay I still
heve some 7 year old traffic warrants down there and they wanted me to be a
resident in their facilities and I rather not  at this time so won,t hitch
hike right off !!! But maybe if we won the lotto or ome thing?

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