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Friday, December 10, 1999

Cops investigated for death of homeless man

 MONTREAL (CP) -- Quebec's provincial police force is investigating
whether a pair of Montreal officers were responsible for the death of a
homeless man.

The city force is already under fire for waiting almost two months to
report the death of Jean-Pierre Lizotte, who was taken to
hospital with a fractured spine after police were called to a bar where
Lizotte allegedly committed an indecent act Sept. 5.

Lizotte died Oct. 16; police reported his death on Wednesday.

A witness claims officers and a bar bouncer beat Lizotte mercilessly
and continued hitting him while he was already down.

"He tried to fight them off, but they kept punching him," said Jean-Maxime
Leroux, who was sitting at a nearby coffee shop.

"The bouncer held his hands while (the officers) hit him. Even after he
fell to the floor, they still kept punching him -- in the face, all over."

The officers will remain on duty at least until the provincial police
receives an autopsy report, which is expected next month.

"It doesn't take a genius to know this is police oppression," said Yves
Manseau of Citizens Against Police Brutality. "Not to let us know about
such an occurrence -- or waiting 52 days to tell us -- that's indecent."

Montreal police responded to the criticism by saying they informed the
provincial force immediately after Lizotte's death.

Lizotte, 45, had been in and out of jail for a variety of petty crimes,
but was remembered by fellow inmates as a talented man.

"He wrote poems, wrote songs for artists," said Jean-Paul Catellier, an
inmate at Bordeaux prison. "He was a great entertainer and everybody loved
him here -- even the guards."

His death has already drawn comparisons to what Montrealers call "l'affaire
Barnabe," the beating death of a local cab driver who was arrested for
breaking church windows six years ago.

After Richard Barnabe was taken to jail, officers beat him into a coma. He
died in 1996.

Seven officers faced disciplinary charges before the police ethics committee.
Two were discharged and two were suspended without pay for four months.

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