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sorry,the only "rights" we have depend on how much money we a
capitalist world money makes rights. what rights do you have that haven't been
abrogated by our government ? life? we have a death penalty. liberty ? we're
in the top three in prison population, with a 5th of our p[opulation under
some court ordered punishment at any given time. pursuit of happiness? our sin
laws are repudiation of any right to live with a personal happiness clause.
give me the money i'll have the right to hire a good lawyer. no money no
defense no freedom no rights.
   the best revenge is living

emily cragg wrote:

> There ARE human rights. The fact that Law permits people to be cut off from
> all resources means that life is a contest.
> And that is a tough reality to face.
> Emily
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> >bb
> >i'm sorry if i gave the impression we have any squatters rights. we in
> amerika
> >have only the right to be read our rights as they arrest us for
> trespassing.
> >80 percent of amerikan laws protect property not humans. squatting is
> illegal.
> >i say do it,i've done it. i've also smoked hemp. laws are made to be
> broken.
> >   whats the deal on closed military base use by homeless communities ?
> could
> >one start a communal startup camp on one ?
> >unclescam
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> >Bonnie Briggs wrote:
> >
> >> General
> >> Hi Unclescam,
> >>   Thanks for signing the guest book on my Homeless Memorial. I just
> checked
> >> it. I have also updated the page. The information is a little different.
> I
> >> agree that we should be able to occupy empty buildings. I envy you guys
> in
> >> the States having Squatters' Rights. I wish we had them in this
> >> country(Canada). Thanks for our recent discussion, I enjoyed it. Fight
> and
> >> resist!
> >> Bonnie
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