Re: RI tent city - day 10

Tom Boland (
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 19:58:36 -0800 (PST)

[sent days after I wrote this, due to computer glitch "not enough memory
left on disk (to send this post)"]

Right on, Catalina and PTEH friends!  Nonviolently refuse to be moved and
you may see funds appear for shelter, if not housing.

Got blankets and pots to pee in?  A media contact list in case of a bust?

Please email updates To: <> . -- Tom

PS: I saw your PSA (listed on the AP site whose IRL I sent you) that you
were having a press conference, but have found no AP articles about it.
Maybe the reporter they sent didn't do an article, or maybe her/his editor
is waiting for the story to develop (get dramatic) before putting a report
out on AP.

At the Homefront 88 encampment, the Boston media as much as said "call us
if anyone's arrested (but not before; otherwise it isn't news)".  If it
bleeds (and it's white and rich), it leads!

Catalina Rhodes <> wrote:
>Hi all.
>Day ten of our tent city squat and no word from the governor, he he they
>have not asked us to leave yet.  We are camped right across from the new
>mall on the state house lawn.  We now have 6 tents and an enclosure with a
>kerosene heater for warmth.  On average we have been housing around 15 - 20
>individuals who cannot get into the shelters, cause they are full. It's
>rather cold but beats sleeping in a car or abandoned building.
>Tomorrow we meet with the governors aid, word has it they do not have money
>in the budget for shelter beds or housing.Who knows..
>Will let you all know what happens.

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