Re: housing units lawn storage units?

William Tinker (
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 22:34:17 -0500

Hi John.
Good to hear from you thought you had retired ...just joking!!! I thought
they were clowning around at the homeless peoples exspense so I did not go
any further with them ,but yes they could be a portable shelter, exspensive
tent really!

 I know that they are a lawn storage unit for mowing machines etc.
 I have slept outside on just plastic trash bags before but I almost froze
to death so when you get these schemers trying to play things off on poor
people I check it out.

 I started my own it is registered with NCH from
Washington DC but we have no money trying to get some from our governor
[heha],right might as well pull teeth with out pain killers...

 I have tryed to get funding to start up a do-drop-in shelter in local area
that can house at least 10 adults,things are low in getting it rolling but I
hope some body will come through our state has 9 million they could use
about 50,000 to sponsor and pay rent for three years for NHhomeless.

Well so how goes the battle on your home front?

It is not to good here the homeless are looked down on as a sub culture and
there is no difference between us and the guy with the money except a
shave,shower,and roof over head and money to jingle in our pocket,because I
never ever was like that I partied with homeless. And was one five
times,they have kept me alive more than once !!No lie thats why I am doing
this for nothing I don,t want it to fail I think it will make it I just have
to wait for the boat to come in ...

 So any way John you can send messages to  because I
like your style,and because nyone can write to us, and you have some good
things to say,your message needs to reach more people... I think I asked you
if you wanted to put messages on our mailing list?

All right my brother advocate I am beat ,so will close for now,be looking
for your posts John.Keep slamming those suits hard maybe they will get off
some more funds to "save life not enslave life'"!

"A Brother In Peace And In Strife"  Bill tinker

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Subject: Re: Your housing units

> Though storage units are feasable housing alternitives
> they often are noneconomical due to there very nature
> of conducting the heat and cold elements of nature.
> It is two steps better than cardbord cities that we
> somtimes find (sheltering us from the wind and rain)
> and can be used as storage in small clusters for
> sleeping too.  But where is the water and power
> necessary for sanitation and educational needs of this
> day and era of common human needs.
> --- William Tinker <> wrote:
> > 12-5-99
> > Hello,
> > These micro unites you advertise how much do they
> > cost and since we are asking are you for real,or
> > being funny ?
> > Because I am sure their are many whom might not
> > accept this as a joke,but perhaps you can explain
> > your advertisements on the roof etc!
> > Appreciate a real response ...Thanks . William
> > Tinker
> >
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